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Social media for events and fans.

Events in an age of social mar­keting present new chal­lenges for event orga­nisers. Consumer expe­riences can trigger various effects and influence customer loyalty and customer retention. As a result of live com­mu­ni­cation and an active audience, social media provides fresh impetus at the POS and offers an extremely high reach.

Social media should be seen as a new infor­mation medium and be used in a targeted way. If social mar­keting is inte­grated in brand expe­rience environments, this rein­forces the regional per­ception of consumers.

Do you wish to exploit this potential?

Spot me from xplace offers a range of dif­ferent solutions: As well as possible app­li­cations in many dif­ferent business sectors, its ease of handling ensures enhanced profiles, builds up a wide reach, delivers very special shopping expe­riences and indi­vidual branding.

Do you have bigger plans? Instal­lations such as split walls provide space for big emotions. Secured WLAN is the special service to offer during your event. Feel free to talk to us if you are looking for indi­vidual solutions.

Our solutions for events and fans.