A real shopping experience.

Inter­active service — digital signage — multichanneling.

What do con­sumers want to see at the POS when they are looking to buy consumer elec­tronics? They want to receive quick and com­pre­hensive infor­mation, be able to find their way around the store as easily as possible and tho­roughly test the products there and then and compare them with others. And ideally they want to do this in an intuitive, playful and con­sistent way, whi­chever department they happen to find them­selves in.

Encourage customers purchase decisions.

This is where the oppor­tunity presents itself for the retail trade. The aim must be to inform, entertain, build up trust and also speed up people’s decision to make a purchase in one fell swoop. This is suc­cessfully achieved if the infor­mation sources merge into one both in terms of content and visual appeal and they guide the con­sumers from one positive shopping expe­rience to the next.

xplace as a full-service pro­fes­sional for the POS offers an extensive range of instore media for consumer elec­tronics in the over-the-counter retail trade. The solutions for specific groups of products are indi­vi­dually matched to one another or expanded or newly developed depending on your need.

Our solutions for consumer electronics