The turbo charger for your sales.

Upgrade your coverage with social applications.

We don´t have to tell you about it – you know it exactly yourself : This emo­tional moment when your customers receive their new car. This slightly sen­ti­mental look, which expresses hap­piness, longing and the pleasant anti­ci­pation of driving. . Unfor­t­u­nately, the moment passes so quickly, and it soon will be memory.

New shop concepts in retailing focus on out­standing shopping expe­riences, inte­grating social features at the POS. To share expe­riences is on vogue. For retailers it opens up new tools to inform, entertain, build up trust and also speed up people’s decision to make a purchase in one fell swoop.

Attracting customers with selfies & virtual stores.

Word-of-mouth mar­keting is the most effective tool in modern com­mu­ni­cation. Our Spot me for auto­mobile industry connects an out­standing shopping expe­rience with the oppor­tunity to upgrade the coverage of your business. Encourage your customers to capture the emo­tional moment of receiving their new car and to share it with friends.

The Second Hand Car Terminal offers a forceful presales support at the POS. Extend the second hand car range at your store by the vehicle range offered on the internet. The inter­active touch app­li­cation is an ideal tool to receive quick and com­pre­hensive infor­mation and supports your sales pitch in an enter­taining way.

Further solutions for car dealers