Wine Adviser.

Guiding you (temptingly) to enjoy the perfect wine.

Wine as a category is one of the strongest-selling ranges in food retailing – but is also one of the growth markets for e-commerce. Experts think that the coming years will provide great potential and an increase in sales of medium and high-quality wines – if they are marketed in the right way.

The great oppor­tunity lies in the options for pro­viding advice that modern websites offer for wine. Intel­ligent searches address the indi­vidual pre­fe­rences of con­sumers. Com­pre­hensive infor­mation about the product satisfies the demand for advice and influences the decision to make a purchase in a positive way.

Enjoy the benefits of e-commerce when it comes to advice on wine in your wine section. Con­sumers are used to the amount of infor­mation available on the internet. Standing in front of a wine shelf, they are often only able to access the infor­mation on price labels and the back of the bottle. The Wine Adviser allows you to offer com­pre­hensive advice, a top service, a special shopping expe­rience and to assist your staff when dis­cussing possible sales.

  • more than 20000 expertises
  • over 500 producers
  • 300 ter­minals in stores
  • 7 retail chains trust in it
  • since more than 2 years


Customers notes

  • “Many customers only know a little bit when it comes to wine or whisky. The Wine Adviser offers simple and effective advice by finding out the basic pre­fe­rences of customers and recom­mending a wine or whisky to reflect them. This gives customers peace of mind and lowers their level of reluctance when they are deciding whether to make a purchase.”
    Marius Krombholz, Manager of the EDEKA Boßler store in Nauheim