Whisky Adviser.

Scotch or bourbon?

Unapp­re­ciated and out of fashion for much too long, the whisky range is now bene­fiting from the revival of the cult drink. Whisky is one of the drinks where people want plenty of advice. At the same time, the level of reluctance when deciding whether to make a purchase is high due to the price.

The Whisky Adviser combines the light-hearted sur­veying of consumer pre­fe­rences with com­pre­hensive infor­mation about the product. This ensures that the fear of buying the wrong product is replaced by the cer­tainty of having made the right choice. In addition, the consumer learns the most important basics all about whisky.

Retailers also benefit from the Whisky Adviser as its provides a database of knowledge for your staff who can very easily polish up on the expertise they need via the terminal when talking to customers.

  • our latest innovation
  • installed in two retail chains
  • shows the local product range
  • plugin for the wine adviser
  • database of knowledge for your staff


Customers notes

  • “Many customers only know a little bit when it comes to wine or whisky. The Wine Adviser offers simple and effective advice by finding out the basic pre­fe­rences of customers and recom­mending a wine or whisky to reflect them. This gives customers peace of mind and lowers their level of reluctance when they are deciding whether to make a purchase.”
    Marius Krombholz, Manager of the EDEKA Boßler store in Nauheim