TVL-HD — TV-Layer.

Price and product infor­mation – Directly on the TV screen!

TV-L – The digital price tag directly on the tele­vision screen. All product infor­mation is dis­played as a layer fully auto­ma­tically, regardless of the picture on the screen. The price update comes in real time from the DWH. Live TV or Instore TV are shown in the back­ground. The system can be remotely con­trolled via a mobile app. The error rate as well as material and per­sonnel costs are reduced to a minimum.

Do you still want to carry on printing price labels?

  • more than 27000 installed TV-L boxes
  • in more than 150 stores
  • in 8 countries
  • since 2 years suc­ceeding in business


Customers Notes

  • “Look at these two TVs. I do not understand why I have to choose the one that is worth twice the price. But if I look at the icons of the cha­rac­te­ristics on the TV screen, I see imme­diately the differences. ”
    Evgeniy Peregud, Head of Mer­chan­dising NonFood, Metro C&C Russia
  • “With the help of TV-L we created a clean and efficient department that is abso­lutely mind-blowing”.
    Oliver Dassinger, Media Markt Papenburg