Photo Kiosk.

Take a picture – Brand it – Share it – Amazing!

“Selfies” are one of the newly coined words of the year. Thanks to our smart­phones and tablets we take pictures at every oppor­tunity and share them with our friends and family. What is at first glance a nice way to tell everyone where you are and what you do! Amazing hidden potential can be unlocked and exploited.

Once done, the images find there way to their circle of friends and family using Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, email etc..

What’s almost all recordings have in common is the fact that they are not “branded”. If I take a photo of myself standing next to my new car, in the cinema, at the leisure park, or at the hotel: Occa­sionally there will be an indi­vidual brand message sent with the pictures.

So what’s missing, is to have the pos­si­bility to enhance the images with an indi­vidual branding from the environment in which they were shot. The answer to this question is “Photo Kiosk – share your experience”.

Expe­rience the Photo Kiosk universe

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Customers Voices

  • “The key to the future of commerce is targeted inter­linking of all sales channels as part of an inte­grated omnichannel strategy.”
    Dr. Stephan Zoll, Vice Pre­sident of eBay Germany