Split Walls – A clear statement!

Solo oder in addition to instore-tv.

Split Walls rep­resent the next level of Instore TV. Are you aiming to deliver a shopping expe­rience that is unf­or­gettable? Then a Split Wall is just the thing for you. There is no need to provide anything more than the simple facts:

  •  Can range from 4 LCDs (2x2) up to 100 LCDs (10x10)
  • Reso­lution of 1080p Full-HD
  • Possible sources: Instore TV, video signal, games consoles or TV signal
  • high level instore-TV
  • number one for emo­tional marketing
  • for any occasion
  • or big events
  • full fle­xi­bility


Customers notes

  • “The key to the future of commerce is targeted inter­linking of all sales channels as part of an inte­grated omnichannel strategy.”
    Dr. Stephan Zoll, Vice Pre­sident of eBay Germany
  • “I am not cur­rently aware of any other equi­valent system of com­parable sta­bility and functionality.”
    Michael Stiefel, Managing Director, Saturn Elek­tro­handels GmbH, Stuttgart