Sales TV for Food Retailing.

One of the most efficient tools at the POS to transform con­sumers into buyers.

The range of Instore TV solutions in the food retailing sector is now very wide. Customers are updated with the latest infor­mation every day and at numerous kiosks and in the retail space they are con­fronted, for example, by the image of a plucked chicken on offer at a reduced price.

We understand service, the shopping expe­rience and sales based on emo­tional appeal to mean something dif­ferent. What do you think of when you see the fol­lowing image?… Happy cows grazing in a meadow, the message that only the best organic meat from local farmers is sold and the reference to an offer on meat that is only available here in the store.

Retailers have long understood what infor­mation has a positive effect on people’s decision to buy. If the messages are right, the price is only decisive in the final analysis. With Sales TV and Kiosk TV you can deliver these messages on large screens in HD quality and focus shoppers’ attention on the infor­mation that will secure you the biggest sales. You decide on the indi­vidual content — we make sure it is delivered.

  • highlight your high-margin extras
  • straight and emo­tional visual language
  • indi­vidual content for each department
  • maximum fle­xi­bility
  • cust­omised design