Recipe Adviser.

The answer to the question of the effi­ciency of service ter­minals at the POS.

The fact that the Recipe Adviser has been used for many years as the first embo­diment of the service ter­minals at the food POS speaks for itself and clearly illus­trates what success retailers can achieve with these systems.

The question “Darling, what are you cooking today?” has now long since been answered. Fresh content, new functions and the pos­si­bility of adapting the app­li­cation to meet the requi­rements of chain stores and retailers ensure that the Recipe Advisers are still fully utilised in store even after many years. The impact of the recipes, whose lists of ingre­dients act as shopping lists and defi­nitely serve as incentives to buy, is now undisputed. And with a little inspi­ration and a hungry sen­sation in your stomach, your shopping basket grows almost on its own.

  • 1500 sold terminals
  • 1000 customers in food retailing
  • 10 chains trust in it
  • in 4 countries
  • since 5 years


Customers notes

  • “We want our customers to be inspired by our seasonal and regional offerings. In respect thereof the recipe advisor can spring a few sur­prises and offers an addi­tional benefit”.
    Bärbel Hammer, famila GmbH & Co. KG
  • For Edo Frank, by pro­viding the Recipe Adviser as a service the company con­sis­tently follows its principle of offering indi­vidual and friendly advice to customers: “The intention is that the customer should receive expert infor­mation even if no sales­person is cur­rently available,” he explains. “However, the inte­grated mer­chandise knowledge, for example, is intended not just for the customer, but also for the fruit and vegetable seller who can offer customers superb advice with the Recipe Adviser.”
    Edo Frank, Director Sales at Markant GmbH