Mobile Mirror.

360° Shopping Expe­rience — Fashion meets Multichannel.

As an inno­vative POS solution, the Mobile Mirror combines real and virtual branding perception.

Using a 42“ touch­screen and a camera, customers can look at them­selves from every angle while trying things on with the delayed playback. Pictures and videos can be taken directly with a brand / retail logo attached, and sent directly using the customer‘s own smartphone via social media or e-mail to friends and acquaintances.

Does this look good on me?“ Customers can now receive feedback from their friends and family imme­diately on items they are looking to buy. Your brand will accompany customers wherever they are: at home, on their PC, tablet, or on the move with.

Addi­tional features: inte­grated Instore TV and online shop connection.

Social media mar­keting — very simple.

Customer Service 90%
Advice 80%
Sales 70%