Kids Corner.

Provide exci­tement, games and diversions …

…to achieve longer shopping trips and a positive image.

Draw colourful pictures, play pairs and crack tricky puzzles — Kids Corner ensures that the little ones will never be bored while you are shopping. For when you are out shopping, the kids decide what goes.

The xplace Kids Corner offers kids colourful and fun enter­tainment while parents can work through the shopping list in peace and also find time to have a browse through the store. This increases the amount of time spent in the store and also helps the kids to learn in a playful way. This is because with a pairs game, various puzzles and a digital drawing area, the Kids Corner offers much more than just ‘normal’ play corners.

Whether as a terminal on the wall or a tabletop solution, the Kids Corner adapts to the physical space available. Whether that be in a super­market, elec­tronics store, doctor’s surgery, café…

  • fun for kids while shopping
  • more time for parents in the store
  • longer dwelling time
  • unique service
  • adapted indi­vi­dually to your store concept