Instore TV.

The most valuable tool at the POS for turning con­sumers into buyers.

It is becoming more and more important to com­mu­nicate brands and images at the POS. Con­sumers are no longer enticed just by the range of goods on offer, but want a shopping expe­rience that sets new chal­lenges for shop design and POS mar­keting. At the same time, this also provides excellent oppor­tu­nities to shape your own brand and generate addi­tional sales by appealing to customers’ emotions.

Instore TV is a sales and mar­keting tool for the POS that has been tried and tested over many years and has been shown to be effective. At the same time, it can be imple­mented in almost any shop design. With a short lead time, com­panies can present their very latest daily infor­mation and messages tailored to the indi­vidual retail departments and thus influence their sales optimally at any time of day.

But the structure in the back­ground is at least as important. Like no other provider in the European market, xplace offers a well-developed service concept that supports you at all times. Your outlay is thus reduced to a minimum. We advise you on how to set up your Instore TV concept, take care of all the instal­lation and support, act as your agency for the graphic design and if you wish we will also manage the content and program structures. In line with your indi­vidual requirements.

  • highlight your high-margin extras
  • straight and emo­tional visual language
  • indi­vidual content for each department
  • maximum fle­xi­bility
  • cust­omised design


Customers notes

  • “Our aim is to address con­sumers and to inspire them. Instore TV with its emo­tional visual language is an important instrument to do so. xplace offers the perfect com­bi­nation of hardware, content management and service”.
    Angelika Knobloch, Assima
  • “With the help of TV-L we created a clean and efficient department that is abso­lutely mind-blowing”.
    Oliver Dassinger, Media Markt Papenburg
  • “The key to the future of commerce is targeted inter­linking of all sales channels as part of an inte­grated omnichannel strategy.”
    Dr. Stephan Zoll, Vice Pre­sident of eBay Germany
  • “We offer our members a club expe­rience that works well from every aspect – dynamic music, thrilling enter­tainment, inte­resting infor­mation, the very latest tech­nology. In doing so, we com­mu­nicate our brand message and the content that is important to us: We provide relevant infor­mation digitally at the right place at the right time, neatly, clearly and directly. This allows us to better control how we com­mu­nicate with our members and also cater for their needs. A com­pre­hensive pro­gramme such as this is unique within the fitness sector.”
    Stefan Tilk, Managing Director of Fitness First Germany
  • “I am not cur­rently aware of any other equi­valent system of com­parable sta­bility and functionality.”
    Michael Stiefel, Managing Director, Saturn Elek­tro­handels GmbH, Stuttgart