Get Con­nected.

Com­pre­hending the full meaning of home networks.

By using this intuitive touch app­li­cation, your customers receive all the answers to their questions about the benefits of a home network. What are the tasks I can do wireless? Which devices and con­nections do I need? And: What products and services do I get here directly in the market? “Get Con­nected” is ideal as visual support during a coun­seling session and provides important infor­mation for your employees. Including market-based infor­mation of products and prices.

  • simple expla­nations
  • focus on photos and videos
  • arouses interest interactively
  • supports the sales staff
  • encourages customers purchase decisions


Customers notes

  • “The key to the future of commerce is targeted inter­linking of all sales channels as part of an inte­grated omnichannel strategy.”
    Dr. Stephan Zoll, Vice Pre­sident of eBay Germany
  • “I am not cur­rently aware of any other equi­valent system of com­parable sta­bility and functionality.”
    Michael Stiefel, Managing Director, Saturn Elek­tro­handels GmbH, Stuttgart