Elec­tronic shelf labels

attractive — efficient — more potential.

With elec­tronic shelf labels (ESL), you can transfer the benefits of e-ecommerce directly to the POS: Further product infor­mation via QR code on the label as well as price updates in seconds. That makes ESL a crucial element of a lasting omnichannel strategy.

Thanks to the inte­gration to the DWS, the data management becomes quick and efficient. Discre­pancies between DWS and shelf are reduced. Price updates are possible at all times, with a minimum of work.

xplace conducts national and inter­na­tional ESL projects for all retail industries and inte­grates hardware from various manu­fac­turers. As an expe­rienced full service provider, we realize your projects from the concept through the inte­gration and instal­lation to the moni­toring during operation.

  • inter­na­tional inte­grator for all retail industries
  • time– and cost-efficient reaction to changing market conditions
  • co-operating with various hardware manufacturers
  • trans­ferring the benefits of e-commerce to the PoS
  • full service: inte­gration, instal­lation, monitoring
  • better customer service


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