Digital Staff Board.

And your customers know whom to ask for help.

Digital Staff Boards are the friendly version of the previous printed posters. They show all of the contact people for your customers in a clear way, arranged by departments, for example with a photo and people’s names. To help people to find their way around, the physical layout of the store is in the background.

On top of this, the Digital Staff Board helps to boost sales: This is because the lower part of the screen is available as an Instore TV space to display your latest adver­tising messages.

  • perfect consumer service
  • always up to date
  • addi­tional adver­tising space
  • a real eye-catcher
  • cost saving


Customers notes

  • “The key to the future of commerce is targeted inter­linking of all sales channels as part of an inte­grated omnichannel strategy.”
    Dr. Stephan Zoll, Vice Pre­sident of eBay Germany
  • “I am not cur­rently aware of any other equi­valent system of com­parable sta­bility and functionality.”
    Michael Stiefel, Managing Director, Saturn Elek­tro­handels GmbH, Stuttgart