Europe’s Largest Product Database

The quality of your infor­mation is the key to your success!

In the modern shopping environment, addi­tional infor­mation often dictates purchasing decisions. The product alone no longer results in the direct purchase in many fields. Instead, con­sumers have a clear pre­ference for pro­viders which offer wide-ranging product infor­mation in a swift, uncom­plicated and high-quality way. This builds trust and forms the basis for a high return business rate.

The xplace content service is your pro­fes­sional partner and full-service content provider. We create and manage carefully-researched, PEGI-certified and professionally-prepared content relating to media of all types in the fields of enter­tainment and software. Our company also maintains a com­pre­hensive database in the areas of wine and spirits. All content is pro­cessed in an appro­priate way for the interface, whether for mobile or desktop devices, and provided accordingly.

The focus is on high-quality and up-to-date data. Nowadays, there are only a few weeks between the release of a cinema block­buster and the publi­cation of the Blu-ray. Offering all sale-relevant infor­mation in your shop ahead of time the­refore
allows customers to enjoy specific and com­pre­hensive infor­mation whenever they seek it.

You can browse the product data via a stan­dardised web service interface. The data sets include content such as web links (which can be used to stream the  cor­re­sponding audio samples), trailers, screenshots and cover images in various formats from our servers.


Your advantages

  • Up-to-date, high-quality and wide-ranging datasets.
  • Advanced search service: In addition to a simple product enquiry, a full text search is also possible in our product catalogue.
  • Trans­parent cost structure through invoicing on a flat-rate basis including initia­li­sation and streaming costs.
  • Flexible content: Content packs for dif­ferent fields and addi­tional mul­timedia content are indi­vi­dually bookable, com­pletely in line with your requirements!
  • 15.3 million audio samples and 660.000 videos
  • 95.000 video-trailers and 845.000 pictures
  • 9.500 games-trailers and 162.000 screenshots
  • 43.000 audio book samples
  • 25.000 expertises for wine and spirits