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xplace. Full Service Provider for Customer Expe­riences at the POS.

xplace GmbH is a dynamic and fast growing company with its head office in Göt­tingen, Germany. Pioneering spirit and passion have led us today to being European market leader in the field of inter­active customer infor­mation, kiosk tech­nology and Digital Signage at the POS.

We offer trade and industry effective solutions to optimize advice to con­sumers at the POS and to support them in their purchasing decision. As a trend scout we are taking new paths and imple­menting inno­vative and visionary ideas: with our products, shopping becomes an adventure. Our product portfolio cur­rently com­prises of POS ter­minals, POS TV Solutions, the software app­li­cation xplace NoTeS and our POS sup­porting internet portal, as well as mar­keting services and hardware. xplace GmbH supports the retail clients with simple product instal­lations as well as complete mul­tichannel solutions – always focused on the clients’ needs. As full-service-provider, our enterprise offers the complete value chain.


Annika Schmitt
Mar­keting Manager

tel  +49.551.4 88 79 84 57
fax +49.551.4 88 79 84 06

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