World´s biggest ESL rollout in more than 1.000 stores with approx. 12 million elec­tronic shelf labels
xplace products in more than 50 countries
Inter­na­tional instal­lation of LED video walls indoor and outdoor
xplace broadens its product portfolio with ESL for auto­motive dealers
xplace becomes the tech­nology partner for Elec­tronic Fashion Tags in coope­ration with MariElla Fashion Labels Oy, Finland
xplace goes DIY: xplace enters the Do-It-Yourself market
Expert Italy equips several stores with xplace products
Launch of ESL auto­motive, ESL fashion, Queue Management System, Product Light Up Systems for phone accessories, printer cart­ridges and light bulbs, Digital Stopper-Frame, Stretched Display and Floor Navigator

Biggest European ESL rollout – over 240 stores in ten countries equipped
Mul­tichannel Solution inter­na­tional mega success: more than 120 stores in 9 countries equipped
xplace opens sub­sidiary in Italy
xplace products in more than 45 countries
Photo Kiosk suc­cessful at brand com­mu­ni­cation with brands, tourism and adventure worlds
xplace goes Auto­motive: xplace enters auto­motive commerce
Fashion goes Mul­tichannel: Mul­tichannel Solution imple­mented in coope­ration with a German purchasing coope­rative
Digital signage software beceen suc­cessfully esta­blished inter­na­tionally
Two new retail chains in food retailing trust in products from xplace
New products:
Tariff Adviser
Fish Adviser and Beer Adviser for food retail
Feedback Terminal – receive your customers’ opinion, create con­fidence
Service Store – optimize ope­rating pro­cesses through customer feedback

Launch of Photo Kiosk – xplace goes events
Launch of Face me – xplace goes opticians
The Pho­nehouse rollout
TVL rollout in Switz­erland
First store with ESL (Elec­tronic Shelf Labelling)
Mul­tichannel ter­minals – to link the retail trade to e-commerce

Launch of Mobile Mirror – xplace goes fashion
TVL rollout in the Netherlands

xplace opens a sub­sidiary in Turkey and branch offices in Berlin and Cologne
Market launch of xplace Wine Adviser, xplace TaCT, RTF anti-theft pro­tection for the Mobile Phone Adviser
Digital employee boards in the Saturn store at Marmara Park in Turkey
Deve­lopment and instal­lation of the first outdoor terminal
Rollout of Recipe Adviser at REWE
Customer infor­mation system for OBI
Mul­tichannel ter­minals for RUNNERS POINT
1st HDMI instal­lation in Poland
Entry to market in Albania
New partner in Italy
xplace sets up Lieb­linxplace, a break and recreation area for employees covering 2,000 square metres, in Göt­tingen
Spin-off of the project into a dedicated limited lia­bility company (my-xplace GmbH)
2nd place in the “invidis Digital Signage Award 2012″ in the “Inte­grators (Germany)” category

xplace opens a sub­sidiary in Russia
Market launch of Sales TV and Kiosk TV, Mobile Phone Adviser, Store Navigator and
Power Service Adviser
1st tablet PC app­li­cations for Saturn
Kids Corner in the Saturn store in Düs­seldorf
Digital signage in the round: Instore TV runs on the 25 m2 pro­jection surface of the LED sphere in the “Sevens Home of Saturn” shopping mall in Düs­seldorf
Deve­lopment of the XK6 terminal
Received award as one of the top inno­vations of Anuga 2011 as part of “taste 11″
Rollout of Instore TV for Media-Saturn Holding suc­cessfully com­pleted
xplace moves into a building with around 2,300 m2 of space in the Inno­vation Quarter in Göttingen

Market launch of xplace Book Terminal and POS software “NoTeS“
Mul­tichannel solution for Thalia
Rollout of Instore TV for Media-Saturn-Holding
The “Digital Signage Best Practice Award” 2010 was won in the “Special Prize” category for Instore TV
New partner in the USA
Entry to the market in China
xplace opens sub­si­diaries in Great Britain and Spain

Entry to the market in Sweden, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Russia
Market launch of xplace Recipe Adviser, Games Adviser, LEGO Brand Terminal

SATURN Virtual Store” partner initiative
xplace is silver partner of the “METRO Future Store Initiative“
Merger of Advertools GmbH and Advertimes GmbH to form xplace GmbH
Entry to the market in Dubai

Entry to the market in Spain, Italy, Denmark, Turkey, Cyprus

Entry to the market in Greece

xplace is the first and only provider of content verified by the self-monitoring of enter­tainment software
Entry to the market in Switz­erland, Netherlands, Portugal, Luxembourg

Entry to the market in Belgium, France, Austria and Hungary
100th enter­tainment station at Saturn

Esta­blishment of Advertimes GmbH
Intro­duction of the xplace touch ter­minals at Saturn
Winning of the German Mul­timedia Award: “Best POS solution”

Esta­blishment of Advertools GmbH

Deve­lopment of the xplace designer software