Attracting Customers in Retail.


European Market Leader

Inter­active Customer Infor­mation and Digital Signage at the POS.

xplace GmbH is the European market leader for digital mul­tichannel and brand com­mu­ni­cation at the point of sale. Its solutions offer com­pre­hensive infor­mation and inspi­ration for a cross-channel customer expe­rience. xplace covers a unique spectrum of instruments for retail and brands. These include mul­tichannel solutions, elec­tronic shelf labels, PoS-terminals and service-software as well as Instore-TV, ranging from Single Screen to Split Walls to large scale LED Video Walls for in– and outdoors.

Single product instal­lation or fully equipped store including data network – the focus lies always on customers’ requi­rements and con­sumers’ wishes. As a full-service provider, xplace cover the entire value chain in-house. It supplies about 130,000 systems in more than 4,500 stores in over 50 countries on all con­tinents with content every day.

xplace GmbH cur­rently counts more than 200 employees. In addition to its head office in Got­tingen, the company has sub­si­diaries as well as sales offices and part­nerships in vir­tually all relevant European business regions.

  • European Market Leader for inter­active customer infor­mation at the POS
  • Worldwide network of sub­si­diaries and partners
  • More than 10 years expe­rience in inter­na­tional key-account-management
  • Covering the full value-added chain within the company
  • Effective and spe­cified solutions for retail and industry
  • Real shopping expe­riences for customers