Trans­forming chal­lenges into solutions

Suc­cessful digi­tization of the Customer Journey at the POS

The digital age offers many oppor­tunites to digitize the POS and to support con­sumers during the customer journey. However, the aspect of sus­tainable con­version opti­mization at the POS has been com­pletely neglected. What has been practice online for years, has not yet found its way to the brick and mortar retail. Retailers and manu­fac­turers still have to resort to solutions that make the POS appear digital, con­tem­porary and eventful. All these leave out the most important point — con­version optimization.

xplace merges the digital touch­points into an overall online and offline customer journey. This creates the tech­no­logical basis for sus­tainable con­version opti­mization at the POS.

As an inter­na­tionally expe­rienced con­sultant and system inte­grator, we translate our customers’ stra­tegies into suc­cessful concepts for the POS. We develop inno­vative tech­no­logies into solution port­folios of software and hardware products that are ready for rollout.

Implement your digi­tization strategy suc­cessfully with xplace

All services from a single source

We cover the entire value chain in-house and gua­rantee efficient project pro­cesses through trans­parent project management and controlling.

  • Con­sulting
  • Software and hardware development
  • Data inte­gration
  • Instal­lation and rollout management
  • Training and support
  • Technical service
  • Content creation and management

15 years of pro­fes­sional expertise

Whether pres­tigious flagship projects or complex digi­tization rollouts — well-known inter­na­tional brands and retailers rely on our expe­rience and xplace’s sus­tainable support of their campaigns.

Inter­na­tional service-network

1st level support at the head­quarter as well as our own branches, service staff and inter­na­tional network of sales partners ensure efficient project pro­cesses. We cur­rently supply more than 4,500 locations in more than 60 countries.
For technical support, there is a free hotline available. In addition, an on-site service gua­rantees the fast reso­lution of service issues.